Trump’s Impeachment Not Russia’s Business

“This is absolutely not our business, we would not like to comment on it at all. Let’s say, there is very much invented stuff there, different scandalous stories, where Russia has been mentioned, where there has been … next to none anything that has any relation to truth and reality. We do not embark on commenting on the things that are currently happening around the impeachment”, Peskov told reporters.

US House Democrats launched an impeachment probe into Trump in September over his supposed pressure on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, aimed at urging the latter to investigate potential corrupt activities by US former Vice President Joe Biden, who is Trump’s political opponent, and his son Hunter.

The US president denied those allegations, claiming that the phone call was “perfect”, while his Ukranian counterpart also stated there were no attempts to pressure him on the issue. Trump later released the transcript of the call, slamming the impeachment inquiry as another politically-motivated witch hunt by the House Democrats, aiming to destroy the Republican Party.

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