Trump Notifies Congress More US Forces to Arrive in Saudi Arabia

In a letter to the US Congress, Trump said that the additional forces will include “an air expeditionary wing to support the operation of United States fighter aircraft from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and two fighter squadrons”, adding that “the first of these remaining forces will arrive in the coming weeks”.
Trump says additional U.S. forces are deploying to Saudi Arabia….He says the total number of U.S. Armed Forces personnel there will be approximately 3,000

— Rachel Frazin (@RachelFrazin) 19 November 2019
​Trump also said that with the additional forces, the total number of US personnel “in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be approximately 3,000”, adding that “these personnel will remain deployed as long as their presence is required to fulfill the missions described above”.

In September, the Pentagon authorized the additional deployment of US troops to Saudi Arabia. Trump said that Riyadh would pay for the deployment of additional US troops.

According to US-based media reports, plans to deploy additional troops to the kingdom emerged after September attacks on the Saudi Aramco oil facilities that both countries have blamed on Iran. Tehran has denied any wrongdoing.

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