Donald Trump, the president of the United States, who became the epicenter of the Corona virus, made statements about the epidemic disease and the country’s economy in a television program he attended.

“The Corona virus epidemic shows us that the era of globalization is over,” Trump told Fox Business Network.

Trump, who criticizes the Chinese administration with a very harsh language, said, “I was very disappointed with China. They should never have allowed the corona virus to spread. I had a very good trade agreement with them, but this epidemic occurred before the ink of the signatures dried.

Regarding the allegations that China did not intentionally stop the epidemic and left a laboratory in Wuhan, he said, “We have information and they are not good. Whether it came from the lab or the bats, it ultimately came from China and they should stop it. They should have stopped it from the source of this. He got out of control. ”

“Maybe 100,000 people may die, but this is the smallest thing to consider,” said US President Trump.

Answering the questions of Maria Bartiromo from Fox Business Network, Trump said, “I see this process as a transition to size. The third quarter will come, and this quarter is the transition quarter. We will do better in the fourth quarter and I think our economy will be better next year. I think next year will be our best economically ”.


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