Coronavirus outbreak in condolence of man who died from coronavirus

The woman named Hatice went to condolence to Halil Bayram’s house, who died as a result of coronavirus in Kayseri City, Turkey. After returning home, she applied to Kayseri City Hospital. Hatice was treated at Kayseri City Hospital when the coronavirus test was positive.

Provincial Health Directorate teams started work after Hatice said she was going to a condolence house. The teams that went to the neighborhood tested women who were in the same condolence house as HaticetThe coronavirus test was positive in 47 women, except Hatice. Upon this, the neighborhood with a population of 4 thousand 500 was quarantined. Gendarmerie teams took precautions in the neighborhood and distributed masks to the citizens.


The residents of the neighborhood reacted by stating that the ‘witch woman inflicted a coronavirus in the neighborhood’ on the social media did not reflect the truth.

“Everyone in our neighborhood knows each other. There is no such witch here.” said.

On the other hand, officials also reported that allegations on social media are unrealistic.

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