Techniques Of Pick-Up Girls, Ways To Impress Women, Perfect Influence Tactics

What should be the choice of woman or girl?

Women are more inclined to engage in conversation with people they know. They feel safe with people they know. The priority must be the ladies you know around you.

The information you get from the environment is very important

You should get information from the environment, friends and, if possible, family of the lady you like. What he likes, where he goes, What is his busy time, should be learned carefully.

Know what you have in common so you can meet in the same cocktail

You need to have as much in common as possible with the girl you like. If you have nothing in common, don’t bother. It is a fact that you will have problems in the future, even if you pick up the girl in small probability.

Step forward on each platform, let him notice you

Using the preliminary information you have acquired, you need to show yourself in the environment where the woman is liked and create an eye familiarity. Do not stare directly at the environment, show that you are watching it with short and evasive looks.

Dating chapter

The first time you met him must have been planned according to the circumstances. The first meeting must be given an air of coincidence. Meeting in crowded meetings is the right way.

Patience is the indispensable priority

Not to open up immediately after the meet, which is often counterproductive. He needs to be patient, continue to do things that will spend time with him. After the meeting has taken place, try to stay in the same environment as him and improve your friendship, but not too tight.

Don’t play friendship, friendship, Bros.

Listen to his privacy and don’t share his secrets, or your status will be nothing more than friends and buddies. Your relationship should be very controlled, show your interest in him and treat him more privately than other friends. This will surely attract the attention of your beloved candidate.

Use the people around you

In your relationship with him, use your friends brutally. Assign your friends to tell him about your superior qualities or to look for his mouth.

Asking me out is a stupid thing to do. don’t do it.

“Will you go out with me?”do not make a sentence. Pick a place where he likes to go and be spoken to and say, “Shall we have something to eat?”or” how about a coffee after work?”please ask in the form of.

When you talk to him, rehearse some words beforehand.

Now you’ve come to your final move. You say you like her, and you start the relationship. All your effort could be wasted in a stupid word or two. Rehearse a lot before and carefully determine your words in the right way and the way he might like them.

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