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Cambridge Analytica scandal in Turkey

Cambridge Analytica scandal in Turkey
14 Haziran 2020 - 10:00

AK Party (AKP) Deputy Chairman Mahir criticized the fake Twitter account operations to AKP. Ünal said, “Twitter is a neutral platform according to the American judiciary. It cannot be interfered with the content in any way. As an impartial platform, it is only a data provider. Twitter revealed that this decision is not a neutral platform. It is acceptable to support the Peace Spring Operation. you? ” said.


Mahir Ünal admitted that they received an offer from Cambridge Analytica, who stole user data on social media. Cambridge Analytica intervened in the elections with illegal data from Facebook. Cambridge Analytica, who sold this data to politicians, was accused of theft. Mahir Ünal’s confession is as follows: “Let me tell you something interesting. Before the 2018 elections, he asked Cambridge Analytica to meet us.

They said that we have access to all kinds of data, we can share the factors that affect voter behavior with you, and we can prepare the data that will affect those behaviors and create a message that will affect the voting behavior of each individual user.

We said that we do not do such a thing, we are not in such a thing. Using people’s personal data, manipulating people; we will talk in the coming period. Facebook is like my memory. He says to me, “Do you remember Mahir, you were there 5 years ago?”


Presidential Communications President Fahrettin Altun’s “Twitter’s explanation to the allegations put forward by some accounts related to the decision to close and close the account in Turkey,” said the note share as follows:

“Social media platform Twitter has announced that from midnight tonight to explain how to do that in Turkey a more than 7 thousand accounts have been closed.

The claim that the closed accounts in the statement made by Twitter is “fake” accounts opened to support our President and that these accounts are managed from a single center is unrealistic.

It is clearly seen that some documents that were put forward as the basis for the decision to close the accounts were created with no scientific, biased and political motives. The attempt to legitimize the decision taken by a company based in the USA with a report prepared by some peers who attempted to market their ideological conventions as scientific data is a historical scandal.

A single technical blood sunulmaksız entirely on the assumption vibrant on, which clearly bears the related-unrelated many social media accounts melting aim in the same pot disposal of this step, however, lacked the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the concrete foundation and can not be allowed to remain under suspicion of a political movement.


This ceberut approach, which is hidden in the transparency and expression of liberty cover, once again showed that; Beyond being a commercial social media organization, Twitter has turned into an ideological black propaganda machine that adopts a certain political and ideological approach and does not hesitate to throw mud on all users and actors that it believes does not comply with this approach.

Very When the recent past, especially considering the debate we are witnessing in the United States, Twitter’s politically Republic of Turkey, positioning desire, organization PKK and FETO as black propaganda activities on the wing stretching request of enemy structures and Turkey to design a Turkish political enthusiasm clearly seen. We would like to remind this company how many buildings that have been used in such ways in the past have finally been left alone.

The Government of the Republic of Turkey in no way forgery, manipulation and disinformation to give passage to our country and all over the world the truth always, will continue to work to strengthen freedom of thought and digital awareness. “


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