Did Turkey send S-400 parts to US?

Avia.pro Russian aviation news site, reported on 4 May 2020, sent to the aid of Turkey and the United States made an interesting news about the purchase of the S400.

Russian news sites mention of the allegations of medical material aid sent by Turkey is interesting. Accordingly, medical aid packages sent to the US for Turkey’s fight against the coronavirus is actually a cover for secretly transporting Russian S400 air defense system parts.

The purchase of the S-400 Air Defense System disturbed the USA

In the headline of the news on the site, the source of which was not mentioned, “Erdogan is suspected of carrying parts of the S-400 to the USA”.

On the other hand, the Russian site, the United States also claimed that Turkey’s $ 10 billion loan intend to take.

The following statements were included in the news:
Turkish S400s had to be put into service a month ago. However, unforeseen situations were announced in Ankara. Recently, the S400 issue is often quite indifferent. Turkey is not a reliable partner is important to keep in mind as previously reported. For this reason, the transfer of Russian S400 technologies to the USA does not seem so unreasonable.

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